The battle of the spicy vegetable condiments – Kimchi vs. Pikliz

Yesterday I realized that I had accidentally made the most blatantly pretentious fusion snack possible. As I got home with steaming bag of Korean takeaway food, my first instinct was to use the Korean fried chicken for some sort of sandwich. I quickly took stock of what was in the fridge and made a wrap […]

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An ode to fringe activities…

OR THE LONELINESS OF THE POWERLIFTING WINE-CHUGGER. OR HOW TO MAKE FRIENDS AND INFLUENCE PEOPLE BY NOT BORING THEM TO TEARS WITH YOUR HOBBY/SPORT/LIFESTYLE CHOICE/DIET Happy new year, everyone. I made an early night of it last night so after a nice dinner with friends I went to bed shortly after midnight CET. As a […]

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Return of the prodigal Hamburger

People with German ancestry are the single largest ethnic group in US.  Yet, it’s a testament to their ubiquity that it’s often not understood by Americans themselves just how subtly German popular culture has influenced their own.  My mother’s family are typical German-Americans as they live in Midwest in a semi-rural setting. German-americans largely live […]

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